Happy Feet: Why Good Shoes Make You Happy!

Happy Feet: Why Good Shoes Make You Happy!

Paolo Nutini once sang, “I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right,” and highlighted the power a new pair of shoes has to brighten anyone’s mood.

Shoes come in all different types of styles, including sneakers, boots, loafers, sandals, heels and flats. Even with such a large variety, everyone has their unique, favorite pair.

“My favorite is my little gold and silver boots,” said Olivia Wallick, a freshman English major. “I really like boots because I think they have a kind of edgy look, but they’re shiny, so they’re girly too.”

Shoes can also help remind us of past events in our lives.

“My Air Jordan III ‘Jokers,’ I like those the best,” said Krishang Sharma, a freshman chemical engineering major. “They’re my favorite because when I got into the University of Maryland, my dad was so happy that he bought me these $160 shoes.”

Shoes also have a range of uses, whether it’s walking to class, a night out or just everyday use

“When I’m walking to class, I wear my combat boots or Converse, because they’re just so versatile,” said Sahar Khan, a junior kinesiology major. “You can wear them anywhere on campus and they’re really nice for the different terrain that we have.”

One terrain that’s tough to master?  The nightlife of College Park.

“You don’t want to get your shoes ruined, so it’s a struggle [to find shoes to wear out],” said Wallick. “But I would wear my silver boots out.”

When it comes to everyday use and in all different types of weather, it’s important to have a staple pair of shoes that can be matched with any outfit.

“I’ll do a cute little skater dress, tights and then combat boots, and then a chunky cardigan over it,” said Khan. “If it’s a little bit colder, I’ll do layers, maybe a long-sleeved shirt with a cardigan, and then my chunky scarf with jeans and my combat boots. So combat boots are in both outfits.”

Even so, Sharma said that he likes to “vary it up” with his shoes depending on the seasons.

It is said that great shoes will take you great places, so make sure that whatever pair you’re wearing, you put your best foot forward!

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